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I am so excited because stone fruit season is upon us. But what is stone fruit? Well good question, stone fruit includes, peaches, apricots, plums, nectarines, and cherries. So far, the organic cherries at the farmers market are amazing. I have sampled the peaches and they are not quite ready yet. I will continue to wait. I can’t wait for the mango peaches which are by far my favorite out of all the peaches. I will dedicate a post for them once they make their appearance. I did buy some apricots for the hubby and they were pretty tasty. But back to the delicious, juicy, sweet cherries. You can take a look for yourself on the photo below.

Cherries - I am so excited because stone fruit season is upon us. |

Oh wait, have I told you about the amazing gadget I purchased last year (picture below). I bought a cherry pitter, I bought it to make a cherry pie, which by the way was not much of a success. But I kept the gadget and as it turns out it’s such a helpful tool. Especially, with my cherry lover toddler. She loves cherries and I cannot keep up with her in removing the cherry pits fast enough. It’s always “more mommy please, more mommy please”. So, as we start the stone fruit season it’s been great! I can have a bowl of pitted cherries in no time. No more waiting for my little princess and you know how much toddlers love to wait, right? I do have to admit that I have been taking advantage of the cherry pitter too. I think the cherries taste better with no pit. They are more enjoyable because you don’t have to have an extra container to dispose of the pits while you are eating them. Well if you guys decide to buy this little helpful gadget let me know if you think they taste better without pits. And for the parents out there I highly recommend this tool if your little ones love cherries. Here is where you can find the handy cherry and olive pitter. One more thing you can use it for olives too.

Cherry Pitter - A very handy tool. |

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